The world is your oyster

Usually I wait until January to make big, lofty goals. January always seems like a good starting point. And in a way, it is;  it’s like the start line of a race (except the race is, well, a new year). Except I’ve decided that I’ve done enough waiting in my life and that it’s time to start making things happen now. Not in a day, not in a week, not in a month.

I could go into a whole bunch of cheesy and dramatic reasons about why this is but, really, it’s simply because I’m tired of putting things off. My life is on the precipice of new-ness (I am currently applying to grad school, in a fairly new relationship, graduating in May, and just lost my job). So yeah, I could wait. But with all of these changes occurring, why not roll with the punches?

I think that’s my best option at this point.

I’m not really sure what goes in to “introduction blog posts” so I guess I’ll just say this blog is going to chronicle my life as a future Ms. Doctor, a runner, a cyclist, and a very hungry 20-something girl. I hope you’ll follow along!


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