Running when tired

I. Am. Exhausted.

I was literally ready to just crawl under my comforter and stay there all night at about 3:00 pm. The idea of going to the gym did not sound one bit appealing. Fighting people for the treadmill? Ugh. Running on my tired body? Meh. Listening to my mp3 player? Gah.

Clearly I was one perky bunny this afternoon. It practically took using the mental jaws of life to get myself up off of the couch and into my running clothes.

But I did it. And I am glad that I managed to get to the gym for a run. Because as exhausted as I feel now, at least I don’t feel quite as sloth-like anymore. I didn’t get a chance to run at all over the weekend and my body was clearly screaming, “Gimme some endorphins, lady!”.

Today made me into one of those annoying “even if you’re tired, a run will help you feel better” people. At the very least, it’s turned me into one of those “dang, this beer tastes extra good post-run” people. Although I will still be oh so thankful to get under those covers tonight.

{Today’s run}

0.5 miles @ 9:31 pace

0.5 miles @ 9:13 pace

1 mile @ 8:47 – 9:00 pace

0.5 mile @ 8:34 pace

0.5 mile @ 8:27 – 8:00 pace (I increased the speed by 0.1 every 0.1 mile)

I repeated the above combo (o.5 mile @ 8:34 pace and 0.5 mile @ 8:27-8:34 pace until I reached 6 miles)

0.2 mile cool down @ 9:31

Total: 6.2 miles

Do you ever force yourself to do something even though you’d much rather vegetate and then immediately feel better afterwards?


7 facts

Apparently, I am a stylish blogger! I discovered this fact while sitting in plaid pajama pants and an old race t-shirt. Clearly, that is total glamor.

Thank you, Alex, you made my day!

The conditions of this award:

Make a post and link back to the person who awarded this to me.
Share 7 things about myself.
Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.
Contact these bloggers to tell them they’ve won!

As for 7 things….hmmm….

1. In a little over 4 years, I will be a doctor. Not a surgeon or anything exciting like that, but I’ll have a white coat and the ability to make people feel all guilty when they call me Ms….mwhahahaha.

2. I’m a lefty. When I was in kindergarten, though, the classroom I was in didn’t have left handed scissors so I was forced to use the right handed scissors. So even though my left hand is dominant, I still use scissors with my right hand.

3. The idea of settling down terrifies me. I LOVE my boyfriend and obviously want to be with him for as long as he can stand my strange antics, but spending all of Saturday at a baby shower made me realize that even though I am in the same age group as those women, we are in completely different mindsets. Yikes!

4. I love doing crosswords. The boy and I made a stop at the drug store after lunch yesterday just so we could pick up a crossword puzzle to do. It was in a local paper, and therefore not the NY Times crossword, and it amazed me at how difficult the NY Times crosswords could be. We still have yet to finish even the Monday NY Times crossword!

5. I dream about having a washer and dryer. Literally. My apartment building’s machines are so old and unreliable and quarter eating that I “go green” and do laundry as little as I possibly can. Thank goodness I have a lot of clothes to get me through the week. My running clothes, however, get washed with me in the shower. If I had to wash my running clothes in a machine every time I wore them, I’d be broke as a joke!

6. The half-marathon is my favorite race distance. I am perfectly comfortable with 10 mile training runs and 13.1 seems to be the perfect distance for my body. Longer, so I can run slower, but not so long that I feel like my legs are going to detach from my body and run off to hide. I would really love to run a marathon (preferably before I turn 25) but right now that’s just not in the cards. I’m clinging to my halfs (halves?) for dear life.

7. In real life, I try to act all tough and smart and put together. But in reality, I’m a goofy, mushy girl who likes to talk about her feelings, be hugged, and eat granola. I love inspirational articles and quotes and I’m a sucker for anything that makes people (and me!) feel empowered. And I love “hippie food”. When my friend A discovered that my sophomore year of college, he took to calling me a “crunchy granola girl”.

My nominees! I’m not sure if these bloggers have won this award yet but I love ’em so they’re getting them again!




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Shake it off!

Last night I posted about some of the feelings that I have been dealing with. It mostly stems from the fact that I literally have no idea where I will be in less than 4 months.

That’s terrifying. And huge. And all of this uncertainty is leading me to feel very uncertain about myself. And I don’t want to minimize any of the the feelings that I am having but this morning I just want to cowgirl up and enjoy the heck out of life.

This morning’s rut busters:

New cereal! Kashi Golden Goodness, I think I love you.

New coffee! Archer Farms decaffeinated cinnamon vanilla nut, you make me smile.

Journaling! Spilling my guts to a beautiful notebook every morning does help.

Reading Add More ~ing To Your Life!

Dancing around to happy music as I get ready! Does anyone remember A-teens? Oh, the 90s.

Cute outfit! I never fail to feel adorable in my red chucks and corduroy pants.

New songs on the MP3 player for this afternoon’s run! I am loving Avril Lavigne’s new song, What the h#ll.

I am so ready to rock this day! Take that crazy negative thought ninjas!

Cornbread and tears

When I get stressed, I often feel like baking.

Tonight = cornbread.

But I’m going to just spill the proverbial beans right now because, well, I started this blog so I could somehow write through all of the crazy changes that are happening at this time in my life.

I am having a super rough time time.

I really, truly wish I could say that everything is hunky dory, that my life is sunshine and rainbows, and that I feel like skipping and dancing around the room. Because that is what I would normally do. That is “me”. I’m the annoying person who always looks on the bright side. But lately I have really been struggling with being my normal annoying self.

And I 100% dislike that I can’t “fix it all”. This girl is a total Type A control freak.

Last week I had my “quantum moment” (which I still haven’t posted about because I’ve had a super busy weekend!), and that propelled me forward in a huge way regarding food and happiness, but I still feel so stuck in an unhappiness rut. I’m not sure where this rut came from but I want out!

I keep trying to employ the “fake it till you make it” routine. And that seems to be tiding me over. But every so often I find myself baking cornbread and standing in the kitchen crying. Totally normal…

How do you get yourself out of unhappiness ruts? Lately I’ve been going out and buying awesome new foods but that is totally hurting my wallet!

Friday love list: Quantum moments edition

Yesterday, as I was sweating out all of my frustrations and stress on the bike, I was also reading Add More ~ing To Your Life. And when I got to the chapter about quantum moments and quantum shifts, I almost burst into tears. Mostly because I knew a quantum shift was what I was experiencing on that bike, but also because reading that book feels so good. Obviously I’m not close friends with Gabrielle Bernstein (though I wish I were!), but it’s nice to read and feel like there is someone out there who completely understands what you are going through.

{Quantum moment: “…instant changes [that] comes to those who are truly open to them, at times that are called ‘quantum moments’. The outcome of a quantum moment is a quantum shift, which results in allowing you to change your perception of who are you and what you can accomplish” (Bernstein 148).}

It’s Friday, and I’m in love with:

Experiencing my quantum moment and realizing that when I am happy, all of the healthy will fall into place

Going to the grocery store at 9:45 pm because I would rather pay more for organic milk (it really tastes better…and is better for you!) than stop at the convenience store for some random brand.

Laughing hysterically…whether it be something the boy did or said, a website, or a TV show. Laughing feels so good.


Barbara’s peanut butter puffins

This song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. But basically any song by RHCP!

Skinny caramel lattes at Crackbucks

The fact that it’s Friday and my bestie is coming into town and we’re going to have a much needed fro yo date night!

Quantum Moments

Blogging has been scarce today because I’ve been doing a lot of thinking!

I started off my morning with my mood reflecting the weather…grey and damp. I then wrote a 10 page paper for one of my classes (that was, uh, due this afternoon) and ate Doritos as a mid-morning snack. And then it hit me: I don’t want this for myself. I don’t want to be stuffing day-glo orange chips in my mouth as I stress over a paper I should have written on Monday.

So I put on my gym clothes and headed over for a much needed break; and somewhere in between dropping all of my belongings on the locker room floor and getting off the bike an hour later, I experienced my quantum moment (more on this tomorrow). I realized that I want to be healthy, but most of all I want to be happy!

I feel as if I have had some version of this realization many times, but it always led to me wanting to be perfect. But humans are imperfect and, really, perfection is so 1999. I want to to eat fro yo and drink coffee and laugh hysterically for no reason. But I keep putting myself into constraints of what I feel I should be, and not what I truly want to be right now.

I will definitely elaborate more on this tomorrow (for my -5 readers!) but I felt the need to post because my gym revelations have left me feeling oh so happy!

Crazy Sexy Wednesday cleanse

Happy Hump Day!


Morning –> applesauce w/ cinnamon, crunchy maple sunrise with almond milk

Noon –> split pea soup & gluten-free/vegan corn bread

Afternoon snack –> blueberries, honey roasted peanuts, chocolate chip cookie dough Larabar

Evening –> olive oil & rosemary potatoes, green beans, BBQ sunshine burger w/ ketchup & mustard

Bedtime snack –> dark chocolate and decaf black tea

Overall thoughts & feelings:

I was exhausted when my alarm went off and thought I would need loads of green tea to wake myself up but the run seemed to have cure that.

I hit a 3:00 slump, but a snack and some tea seemed to help that. Usually I would go to Crackbucks but blueberries are far more delicious

The chocolate chip cookie dough Larabar is basically to die for. If you haven’t tried it yet, you must. So much deliciousness in one little bar.

Gluten free is hard. I still cannot believe how much my world used to revolve around pasta. And how much hidden gluten there is. I’m not gluten intolerant so I’m not worried about the hidden gluten so much, but it makes me realize how careful people with an intolerance need to be!

I’m in love with Sunshine burgers. The BBQ variety isn’t my favorite but it still beats basically every other veggie burger out there

Today’s run:

4 miles. I don’t really remember any stats other than I turned the treadmill on and upped the speed every once in a while because I ran about 15 minutes after getting out of bed and apparently my brain can’t function like that…

The morning run is the new caffeine

My alarm clock went off at 8 am this morning. I was not thrilled. I haven’t been sleeping very well lately but last night, in that loopy moment right before I fell asleep, I decided that I wanted to run in the morning today.

Before this semester, I was an afternoon runner. But it seems that I have transitioned into a mid-morning runner. And today I was a “jump out of bed and head to the gym” runner.

I’m not going to lie, it took a lot of willpower to drag myself out of my cozy bed and into the rainy weather. I hit snooze twice, trying to figure out a way that I could run in the afternoon without rushing around. Lunch time? Nope, too much reading to do. After lab? Nope, I definitely won’t feel like running at 5 pm. So it was decided…I had to run at 8:30 am or not at all.

The pluses: My run is done for the day! I didn’t have to drink caffeine to wake up! I can vegetate when I get out of lab this afternoon! The gym was barely crowded and I got my favorite (yes I have a favorite) treadmill!

The minuses: I had to get out of bed a little earlier. I was rushing around so I could shower and get to class on time. I really missed my relaxing morning of tea and breakfast. I totally zoned out and cannot remember any of my splits.

The verdict: The only time I’ll be doing these “jump out of bed and go” morning runs is when I know I’ll be strapped for time in the afternoon and/or won’t feel like running when I’m done with classes…so basically only on Wednesdays. I detest rushing in the morning, but it’s so nice to know that I can relax for the rest of the day.

The distance: 4 miles

What I’ve decided

I’ve decided that I wanted to be a Crazy Sexy cleanser. Again. Not for 21 days, not yet at least, I don’t think that my psyche could handle that right now.

But I’m ready to take little, baby steps.

A great friend of mine always said, “Healing is not a linear process”. Steps forward are often followed by 2 steps back. I’m ready to take a step forward, though! I *need* to take a step forward!

So, for this week I will be Crazy Sexy Adventure cleansing for Wednesday and Thursday. As of right now. Wednesday and Thursday are set in stone and, depending on how the week unfolds, I may add in more days (like Saturday and/or Sunday).

My Crazy Sexy 2-day cleansing goals:

– No meat (shall be easy!)

– No dairy (a little tougher but my body will thank me)

– No gluten (zoinks!)

– No alcohol

– Green tea and decaf tea/coffee only

– Lots of fruits and veggies!

When you’re smilin’…

It’s a gloomy night tonight: rainy, plans that went awry, homework piling up.

I could come up with a billion reasons to be unhappy. But instead, I’m going to think up a billion reasons why I’m happy! Apparently I’m really in love with lists today!

1. I have Highland Gaelic Ale. So much yum.

2. Dinner = veggie pot pie and green beans with salt & garlic powder. So much yum, part deux.

3. New Adventures of Old Christine on demand…fo’ free!

4. My run today was amazing. I think 6 miles is the distance for optimal runner’s highness

5. I’m sitting on my couch in my pajamas and robe. Enough said.

What is making your night great?