Rest day

I usually start my new year with a very hung-over 5k run. Not this year, however.

Nope, this year, New Year’s Day is my rest day.

It took a lot of mental convincing to make myself stay put on the couch. I’m a creature of habit and breaking traditions generally makes me feel like I deserve to win the worst-daughter-of-the-year-award. Thankfully, it was a rainy and grey day so lounging in pajamas, watching House Hunters, and drinking hot chocolate wasn’t *too* much of a punishment (although every time the pouring rain slowed to a drizzle I would longingly gaze out the window and contemplate throwing on my running clothes for a quick jaunt).

Normally, I would give into my running craving because I am an obsessive, type A sorta gal when it comes to anything somewhat resembling a need for a schedule or rules. I guess I can blame that on the science-y part of my brain. But deciding that 2011 would be a year of less rigidity made me realize that a) my hips were killing me, b) I had just run 3 days in a row, and c) if it hadn’t been New Year’s Day there is no way I would’ve passed up rainy day lounging and cocoa for a damp run.

I’m not saying that I need to start making up random excuses to not work out (oh, it’s National Ice Cream Eating Day…take the  day off!), I’m just saying that I need to let go of the reins and *relax* a bit. I’ve gotten a lot better when it comes to rolling with the punches and I don’t get nearly as worked up over flubbed details as I have in the past.

Basically, I’ve realized that my obsessive tendencies were leading to a very unhappy and worn-out moi and I’ve decided to embrace a less self-induced pressure-filled life. So while my New Year’s run didn’t happy, I can’t say this was a bad way to start the new year.

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