The day of the cleanse

In my resolutions post, I decided that I would do a cleanse once a week. Whenever I mention this to people, their eyes get wide and there is a general feeling of “oh my goodness, she’s really lost her marbles this time.”

So I wanted to clarify. A once a week cleanse does not mean that I will not be eating once a week. Quite on the contrary. I will be taking in my “required” amount of calories (so that when I run, bike, and swim, my body doesn’t completely revolt and refuse to perform)…but instead of eating a lot of grains and meats and dairy, I will be focusing primarily on green smoothies, veggies, and fruits.

The idea of a once a week cleanse came to me from this article on Crazy Sexy Life. I thought about doing the other varieties of cleanses (3 days every other week, 7 days once a month) but with my lifestyle that did not seem feasible. And, because I do not want to set myself up to fail, I wanted to start small. In the future I may decide that I really love my green smoothies and veggies all day (and I don’t really doubt that that will happen).

But *why* do I find it important to do a once a week cleanse? Because I have a history of treating my body poorly and I’d like to attempt to reverse some of those effects while I’m still young and have more of a chance of being successful. And because I’d like to learn to be more mindful. And, let’s face it, because I’m a student who in general does not get enough green in her life.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m generally not a tree-hugging hippie but when it comes to emotions and food, well, I kinda am. I just don’t really broadcast that to the entire world because in my line of work, that may freak my patients out (which is a sad statement about the culture in our society but that’s a whoooooooooole ‘nother post!).

But I digress.

I will be following (mostly) Kris Carr’s ACT guidelines tracking my efforts using the ACT food and lifestyle journal (although I will be modifying some of the questions to fit me more appropriately). And, like I said, right now this is a once a week affair. Although I may really love my first day and want to continue it. Or at least carry over some of the principles into my day to day life.


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