I choose happiness

It’s only 6 days into the new year and I’ve already gone back to re-read my resolutions. All of them are admirable and will serve to make me the person whom I envision myself to be. However, I think I missed the main picture when writing my goals for 2011. I somewhat encapsulated it with my statement of “Keep calm and carry on. Also, own it” but what I want most for 2011 can be found in one word: content.

Basically, I know that some days I will be unhappy, stressed, and feeling like stabbing some pillows would be the best course of action but I always want to be able to look out the window or at a loved one and appreciate what I have in my life.

To put it simply, I choose happiness. Because happiness, for me, isn’t a material object or something that someone can give you…it’s making lemonade out of life’s lemons, stopping to smell the roses, living in the moment, and a litany of other feel-good clichés. For me, happiness is laughing hysterically at an inside joke, cuddling under the covers, and getting into I-love-you-more “arguments”. It’s looking up into the sky as snow is falling and feeling as if you’re in a just shaken snow globe. It’s warm tea and a cozy blanket. It’s valuing what I have even when what I have isn’t “perfect” or “ideal”. And it’s definitely having your feet rubbed.

I choose to embrace happiness and contentment and the world that is around me. Because when you look at the world through rose colored glasses, you can always find the silver lining 😉


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