Home Sweet…this is not my home

The boy and I went to his hometown this weekend to visit his parental units and some of his friends who are back in town. Unfortunately, things did not go according to plan exactly. The boy has been fighting a nasty cold and somehow ended up with another infection on top of the cold; I was up at 4 am Saturday taking care of and fretting over a very feverish boy. Basically, I played 18 hours of doctor yesterday.

If his parents don’t love me now then I’m not sure they ever will!

Thankfully the boy felt well enough for us to head back to town today, but upon arrival I was feeling extremely off. This weekend was incredibly stressful for me; being a strange-ish house, tip toeing around the boy’s parents (I probably don’t have to but I’m always terrified I’ll do something to make them loathe me), trying to help an extremely sick boyfriend, and trying to cope with my crazy hormonal fluctuations (gotta love that time of month!). When I got into my apartment I lay down on the floor and sobbed for about 5 minutes. Then I went for a run. Don’t get I some brownie points for coping healthily?!

Today’s run: 4 miles

0.3 mile warm up

2.9 miles between 8:00 and 8:30 pace (I alternated), finishing up the last 0.2 at a 7:30-7:45 pace

0.9  miles at a 9:30 pace

It felt amazing to get some endorphins pumping through my body!

I also made a trip to the bookstore and looked at some self-help books and journals that got me thinking. I was never a huge fan of self-books because I was embarrassed to buy them and thought they made me seem weak but lately I’ve realized that I seriously need to focus on myself. I LOVE putting smiles onto others’ faces but when I focus 100% of my energy on others I end up as I did today…on the floor, sobbing. And, well, that ISN’T normal.

Anyways, I digress. The one book I saw that captured my attention was The Happiness Project. And I thought to myself, “Well, why can’t I have *my own* happiness project? And then it was decided. Each month, I will focus on a different aspect of my happiness that I wish to work on. I haven’t decided what I want each month to be as of right this second…this idea is still in its infancy…but I’ve already written this month’s focus in stone: Keep calm and carry on (can I use this phrase any more on this blog?! Probably not if I tried!).

I’m still ironing out some details…and I seriously need to hop into the shower and wash my running-salty body…but I am majorly excited to start this project. I am so ready to focus on myself some more.



One thought on “Home Sweet…this is not my home

  1. crying and running are the best way to cope…great job girl. Bummer about the weekend and that he was so sick!! I LOVE your happiness project goal, you are my idol:) Can’t wait to read the details!
    Great job on your one hour bike ride today!

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