Snow day

I woke up at 5 am and looked out the window to see big, fat snowflakes falling from the sky.

My first thought was, “oh great…I am not going to be able to drive *anywhere* today”. My second thought was, “why am I being such a grinch…I used to live for snow days as a kid”.

When does a snow day stop being a blessing and start being a burden? I don’t think it ever should, but unfortunately even I fall victim to that way of thinking when winter-y weather strikes. Especially when it doesn’t snow enough to be truly “snowed it” but it does snow enough that I just don’t feel like trudging out and cleaning off my car so I can go do things unless I absolutely *have* to (although the true New Englander side of me still laughs hysterically every time two inches of white, fluffy precipitation is dubbed the “snowpocalypse).

But in the spirit of positive thinking, I decided to have a grown-up snow day: wearing pajamas all day, going to the gym, doing a load of laundry. And I fully plan on having pizza/hot cocoa for dinner tonight.

How would you spend your grown-up snow day?


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