Sleepy Tuesday

It’s another gloomy outside and I’ll be honest…gloomy days = a totally exhausted me. I’m not sure what it is about grey clouds and the sound of car tires on rainy streets, but they’re like a signal to my body to enter lazy mode. Tea and pajamas? Yes, please. A trip to my favorite grocery store and running? No, thank you.

Of course I did end up going running because I knew it would at least give me something to do other than staring at the TV screen and being in complete denial that tomorrow is my first day of classes..and because I knew it would be an anxiety buster…I had a few scheduling scares this morning and afternoon but I think all is well. I went and bought notebooks yesterday (violating my grown-up snow day rules but I am so glad I went because Target was completely empty…when else does that happen?!) and most of my books have come in and now that the start of classes is imminent, I’m wishing for another week of vacation. At least we have Monday off for MLK Jr. Day and my timetable does not seem to be as grueling as my past few semesters. Huzzah!

Today’s run ended up being an easy 5-miler at a 9:13 pace. I had planned for it to be a bit faster but my shins were bothering me (I am in serious need of new running shoes…thankfully they came in the mail today!) so I decided that slow was the way to go; I almost stopped at 3 miles but the pace felt so comfortable and relaxing that I just couldn’t stop. If my shins hadn’t said, “hey crazy lady…stop!” I probably would have run 6 miles.

Do you ever have to convince yourself to get off the treadmill?


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