The first day of school

It’s Wednesday but it feels like Monday. Because it’s the first day of classes!

I’m trying to go into this semester with my eyes and my mind wide open for three reasons: a) I have a super easy schedule with lots of breaks , b) this is my last semester I have to take classes outside of my field, and c) I’ll actually be working in the clinic this semester.

Working in the clinic has me the most excited. The fact that business attire and irritated parents asking ridiculous questions excites me assures me that I have chosen the correct line of work.

But I digress. The start of the semester is almost like having a blank slate. Sure, some people need to make up for bad fall GPAs, some people need to hope that their spring GPA doesn’t ruin their amazing fall GPA, but some people go in ready for whatever comes their way. Unfortunately, I have a massive case of “I am soooooo ready to graduate” so I’m a little bit in the second category but my goal for this semester is to get the job done but always roll with the punches.

With yesterday’s panic at my apartment disco, I realized more than ever that this semester *will* have some rather large road bumps. But as long as I attack the road bumps head on (and go running and breathe and watch trashy TV), despite however overwhelmed I may be feeling, all will work out the way it should.

How do you deal with work or school related stressors? I used to have some unhealthy coping mechanisms but lately when I feel stress I either go for a run or completely unplug from my computer. It helps me a great deal.


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