10 things

1. There is nothing better than a big bowl of cold cereal when the heat your apartment is so high that your sinuses have completely dried out overnight.

2. Running is my time to “zone out”. I spend the entire day thinking, I don’t want to think more while I’m running!

3. My toenails are always painted a shade of red or pink. Always.

4. (A serious confession) I still sometimes struggle with disordered eating. But I am getting it under control and taking my body back one step at a time.

5. Frozen yogurt shops are the best invention ever. I could kiss whoever came up with them…and eat there every day

6. I drink two cups of black tea every morning in the winter. I used to drink enough coffee to support Starbucks, but tea feels more nourishing.

7. Writing with pink pens in pretty notebooks makes me feel incredibly happy.

8. I forgot to do my nightly round of yoga last night (for the yoga challenge) so I’ll be doing two rounds today to make up for it.

9. I can’t stand horror movies but I’m inexplicably drawn to anything with zombies.

10. I dislike going to sleep early but I dislike sleeping late even more. I think morning is the best time of the day to get things done.

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