I can deal with adjustment

My Tuesday/Thursday classes having me feeling quite optimistic about the semester. Granted, they aren’t classes that I would have ever pictured myself in prior to this semester and I am feeling WAY out of my comfort zone in each of them; my first thoughts when the professors started talking were: can I handle this new material? and can I get a good grade in a completely “foreign” subject? Well, yes and yes. It’s just going to take some adjustment. I can deal with adjustment.

Plus the schedule is to. die. for. I have basically all morning off (except for Thursdays, when I have to be up and at ’em for an 8 am meeting…and Tuesdays, when I have another meeting just after noon). I could get used to all of this free time. And I probably will. Entering a doctoral program after this semester will be like a slap with a frozen wash cloth; it will be an adjustment. But that’s alright too. I can deal with adjustment.

I ran on the treadmill for 5 miles today, at a much faster pace than I had planned…I had planned 4 miles at a 9:13 pace, but as the treadmill screen read “4 miles”, that plan was out the door. My body just felt too good and I know that one does not interrupt the body when it gets into its groove thang. So I kept running. And I upped the pace. And I realized that lunch and my shower would be a little rushed and that I’d have to readjust the rest of the week’s running schedule. But I can deal with adjustment.

Today’s run:

0.3 mile warm-up @ 9:30 pace

1.4 miles @ 9:13 pace

2 miles @ 8:35ish pace

1.3 miles @ 8 minute pace

0.2 mile cool-down @ 9:30 pace

Total: 5.2 miles


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