Friday love list: First week of classes edition

I have officially survived my first “week” of classes. Week is in quotation marks because it’s technically only been three days. And I haven’t yet attended class for the day. But I still survived these few days nonetheless. Sometimes I think that the first few days of the semester are more difficult than the last few days. Not in the amount of work, of course, but in the fact that I need to re-wrap my mind around being productive and studying and learning again. That is not an easy feat after 4 weeks of vacation! And I have to say that it’s wonderful to have some semblance of a schedule again…not having one over break made it clear to me that I would make an *awful* housewife.

Happy Friday!!!

It’s Friday, and I’m in love with:

The banana bread I baked last nigh (more on that to come!)

Taking notes in brand new notebooks

Having only one class on Fridays

Getting Martin Luther King Jr. Day off!

Being able to officially tell people, “yep, I’m graduating at the end of this semester”

Getting back into a schedule again. I love my free time but it was beginning to make me feel as if I were running in place!

Spending time with the boy at the end of the day


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