Time to clean up.

Last night was a very introspective night here at the panic at the disco apartment (what I have dubbed my apartment as it has witnessed and been part of so many meltdowns and happy moments of my past 2 years). I was feeling upset because I felt as if I had been giving my entire body and soul to everyone…doing favors, answering questions, always being the first to offer to help. And, like I’ve said in earlier posts, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. But trying to take care of everyone else *and* myself is exhausting. And I don’t often ask for help because I don’t know how to articulate what I want or need but sometimes I just feel like I should stand up on a platform with a bullhorn and shout “what about me?!”

I also been had a lot of thoughts regarding my 2011 goals swirling around my head. But mainly I’ve been thinking about my “cleanse once a week” goal. I love that goal, I think it’s healthy and, the way I have it planned, not meant to caused deprivation. But I have been lax on enforcing the whole “once a week” rule; two weeks have gone by and I have yet to treat my poor body any better.

And then Kris Karr announced that with the release of her new health book, Crazy Sexy Diet, there will be an accompanying 21 day cleanse. And I want in.


Because there are no strict rules (simply eliminate animal products, processed foods, excess caffeine, and dairy. Because there is no special shopping list. Because I won’t be “required” to live off of only smoothies and juice for 21 days. Because her book, which I will be buying, emphasizes worshiping your body and health and not starving yourself. Because I was inspired to begin this journey by a v-log about vulnerability and Kristin Armstrong’s latest blog post…I believe there’s a lot to be said about improving your outlook on life from within.

So basically, 21 days devoted to treating my body better and focusing on my health. Sounds like just what the doctor ordered. And, starting on January 17, I will be writing about my progress on this here blog.



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