Crazy Sexy Cleanse, Day 2

It’s Day 2!


Morning –> steel cut oats with coconut milk, coconut butter, cinnamon, and a touch of maple syrup & a mug of green tea

Noon –> split pea soup, gluten free/vegan crackers, blueberries

Afternoon snack –> dried mango, apple with peanut butter

Evening –> roasted veggie pizza (not gluten free but vegan), coconut

Overall thoughts & feelings:

I was amazed at the energy I woke up with. I was a bit groggy when the alarm went off but as soon as I ate breakfast I felt great. I almost didn’t want to drink my tea (but I, uh, still did)

I had another cup of green tea after my run…not because I needed caffeine, but because I wanted the taste (which is a first in this apartment!)

It’s official: whole foods keep me full and happy for much longer than processed snacks and foods that I was cramming into my face before. Basically, eating healthy(er) makes me feel amazing and happy and like dancing!

Amy’s split pea soup = amazing.

When I got home at 5 I was feeling a bit munch-y but overall my energy was fairly high considering I had only had 2 mugs of green tea, which is far less caffeine than my body is accustomed to.

Emotionally, I feel okay. Focusing on eating healthy and treating myself correctly has made me had a lot of realizations about the way I have been treating myself and what I need to fix!

I feel a bit guilty about the coconut. It was sweetened but soooo delicious. And there are far worse things to enjoy!

Today’s run:

3.5 mile recovery run @ 9:31 pace


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