Thoughts on veggies, part 1

It’s official.

Green smoothies rock my world.

But I’d be remiss if I did not come out and say that embarking on the Crazy Sexy Cleanse didn’t lead me to ponder some key questions, especially “what truly is the place of dairy and meat in my diet?” I’ve always known and felt that my body runs better on vegetables…for me, eating healthily is like putting high grade gasoline in my car; sure, the car will run on the lowest grade, but it runs that much better on the expensive stuff.

I’d also be remiss to say to say that I don’t ever crave meat or dairy. Sometimes all I want out of my day is a gigantic hamburger or cereal with cold whole milk.

But what embarking on this “cleanse” (and I put cleanse in quotations because Ms. Carr has emphasized over and over that Crazy Sexy Diet is not about losing weight, it’s about fueling and loving your body correctly…no strings attached) has made me realize a few things:

1) I don’t *need* dairy in my life. Granted, it is only day 3 but I just don’t miss the stuff. Do I want it? Sure. Do I have to have it? Nope. Prior to this cleanse I ate dairy at least once a day, sometimes more. I was heavy handed on the cheese and loved milk. And once this cleanse is over, I will re-introduce some dairy to my life. But I’ve learned that green smoothies are the “good gasoline”.

2) Meat? Meh. I’ve never been in love with the stuff and while it’s hard for me to eat with the boy (because he sees a meal without meat to be not a meal at all), I definitely don’t miss it. The only time I really ever ate meat prior to beginning this cleanse was when my body was screaming for it. And I think that is how it’ll be once the cleanse is over…although I will try to be more conscious about where my meat comes from, for sure.

3) Gluten is an entirely different story. I have been having a hard time keeping gluten out of my life…I bought some gluten free breakfast bread and baked gluten free cornbread and am trying to de-glutenize my life as much as possible. But as a runner, pasta and bread have been huge staples in my life for years and it has been really hard to keep it out. I really have not been strict about keeping gluten out of this cleanse (although I try to keep it out until dinner) because I know it would drive me crazy. And, as my mantra is quickly becoming, “this cleanse is about treating yourself right”.

4) Vegetables are delicious and there are SO many recipes out there. I have been searching high and low for delicious vegan recipes and they have not been hard to come by at all. And most of the time, they are a lot simpler, less involved, and much healthier than recipes containing meat! I have a billion new recipes bookmarked so and I cannot wait to try all of them.

5) I think this is the most important lesson: I eat when I’m hungry. Being on a plant-based diet leaves me feeling comfortable with eating when I’m hungry because I know that I’m not clogging my body up with crazy processed junk. It’s delicious and I know that my stomach is much happier.

6) Sugar and caffeine have not been as difficult to eliminate as I would have imagined. I’m still having a square of dark chocolate each evening and I still have a mug of green tea to start each morning (and I did find myself craving a fancy Starbucks drink today) but as long as I keep my energy up with fresh fruits and vegetables I don’t find myself spiraling into coffee and sugar cravings. It’s amazing.

I feel as if I have a lot more realizations on the horizon as there are still 18 days left to crazy sexy cleanse myself but as of right now I am in a great mental spot and glad that I took the leap to start building a better “me”.


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