Crazy Sexy Cleanse, Day 4

It’s day 4, lovelies!


Breakfast –> PB&J Larabar, all-natural/sugar-free applesauce, mug of decaf

Midmorning snack –> blueberries

Noon –> gluten-free/vegan cornbread, split pea soup, pomegranate tea

Afternoon snack –> red pepper & spicy chipotle hummus, dried mango

Evening –> Sunshine falafel veggie burger on whole wheat toast w/ tomato/mustard/ketchup, asparagus, apple with peanut butter

Bedtime snack –> square of dark chocolate & decaffeinated black tea

Overall thoughts & feelings

I had NO caffeine today. I was exhausted when I woke up this morning and was incredibly close to just making myself some caffeinated black tea, but once I drank my decaf and some water I felt surprisingly awake. The morning run definitely helped too.

Life without coffee/major amounts of caffeine is a lot less jittery than life with it.

I feel a lot more emotionally open. Journaling and blogging and talking and reading has helped me release a lot of negative feelings. I’m actually quite surprised at how much my mood has improved!

Runner’s high = much better than caffeine high!

I was feeling a little headache-y and tired at around 5:30, but nothing too unbearable.

Today’s run

0.5 miles @ 9.31

0.5 miles @ 9.13

1 mile @ 8:40 – 8:57

1 mile @ 8:30

0.6 miles @ 8:30

0.4 miles @ 8:00 – 8:30 pace

0.5 miles @ 9.31

Total = 4.5 miles


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