Crazy Sexy Cleanse, Day 5

This school-week flew by! It’s already day 5!


Morning –>crunch maple sunrise (gluten free) with almond milk

Midmorning snack –> no sugar added applesauce with cinnamon, blueberries, square of dark chocolate, decaf black tea

Noon –>Sunshine falafel veggie burger on whole wheat toast with ketchup/mustard/sliced tomato & asparagus

Afternoon snack –> endamame, apple with dark chocolate dreams PB

Evening –> gluten free/vegan roasted veggie pizza

Bedtime snack –> square of dark chocolate, decaf black tea

Overall thoughts & feelings:

No caffeine again today! It was incredibly difficult for me to resist the siren song of Starbucks as I was leaving class today but I am happier for it. I never realized how jittery and anxious caffeine made me!

The lack of caffeine definitely make me a bit headache-y though. And groggy feeling. Running did help perk me up a bit.

My cravings have been getting a bit stronger but it’s really not so hard to ignore them will all of the delicious food I’ve been eating! Feeling healthy and rejuvenated outweighs everything else.

I’ll be completely honest…the rice crust pizza was not so delicious

Overall, there’s nothing *huge* to report. I guess no news is good news!

Today’s run:

Easy 4 miler (pace capping out at 8:34)


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