Tuesday confessional

{Inspired by Janae!!!}

1. The boy and I LOVE tea. Love it. We both drink enough of it that I feel like we belong in England sometimes. There’s an awesome gourmet tea shop at the mall that we both enjoy and we drove in a huge circle after dinner one night just so we could loop back and get tea before we headed home.

2. I’m a huge fan of the treadmill. I’m a New Englander and ran through the cold and snow for many years but now that I live in the South and have access to an awesome gym, I’ve turned into a treadmill groupie. Last night all of the treadmills were taken and I was *forced* to run on the indoor track and it was the low-light of my day.

3. I have a book buying addiction. And I often spend hours at the bookstore because it’s the only place where I feel completely and utterly calm, even if there are a million babbling people around. Often times I drive all the way out to the good Barnes and Noble with no intention of buying anything but coffee because it feels that good to be in a bookstore.

4. I have been obsessed with two countries for my entire life: Ireland and Norway. I’ve been lucky enough to take the trip to Norway, but I still have yet to make it to Ireland. I think I will always be partial to Norway, though. The cross-country skiing was phenomenal!

5. I take allergy medicine every day. Otherwise my sinuses go crazy and it is just not pretty. Or I get a sore throat and runny nose and immediately worry that I am getting a cold. I refuse to get a cold!

{Today’s run: 6.2 miles of easy running. My pace capped out at about 8 minutes}


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