What I’ve decided

I’ve decided that I wanted to be a Crazy Sexy cleanser. Again. Not for 21 days, not yet at least, I don’t think that my psyche could handle that right now.

But I’m ready to take little, baby steps.

A great friend of mine always said, “Healing is not a linear process”. Steps forward are often followed by 2 steps back. I’m ready to take a step forward, though! I *need* to take a step forward!

So, for this week I will be Crazy Sexy Adventure cleansing for Wednesday and Thursday. As of right now. Wednesday and Thursday are set in stone and, depending on how the week unfolds, I may add in more days (like Saturday and/or Sunday).

My Crazy Sexy 2-day cleansing goals:

– No meat (shall be easy!)

– No dairy (a little tougher but my body will thank me)

– No gluten (zoinks!)

– No alcohol

– Green tea and decaf tea/coffee only

– Lots of fruits and veggies!


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