Quantum Moments

Blogging has been scarce today because I’ve been doing a lot of thinking!

I started off my morning with my mood reflecting the weather…grey and damp. I then wrote a 10 page paper for one of my classes (that was, uh, due this afternoon) and ate Doritos as a mid-morning snack. And then it hit me: I don’t want this for myself. I don’t want to be stuffing day-glo orange chips in my mouth as I stress over a paper I should have written on Monday.

So I put on my gym clothes and headed over for a much needed break; and somewhere in between dropping all of my belongings on the locker room floor and getting off the bike an hour later, I experienced my quantum moment (more on this tomorrow). I realized that I want to be healthy, but most of all I want to be happy!

I feel as if I have had some version of this realization many times, but it always led to me wanting to be perfect. But humans are imperfect and, really, perfection is so 1999. I want to to eat fro yo and drink coffee and laugh hysterically for no reason. But I keep putting myself into constraints of what I feel I should be, and not what I truly want to be right now.

I will definitely elaborate more on this tomorrow (for my -5 readers!) but I felt the need to post because my gym revelations have left me feeling oh so happy!


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