Friday love list: Quantum moments edition

Yesterday, as I was sweating out all of my frustrations and stress on the bike, I was also reading Add More ~ing To Your Life. And when I got to the chapter about quantum moments and quantum shifts, I almost burst into tears. Mostly because I knew a quantum shift was what I was experiencing on that bike, but also because reading that book feels so good. Obviously I’m not close friends with Gabrielle Bernstein (though I wish I were!), but it’s nice to read and feel like there is someone out there who completely understands what you are going through.

{Quantum moment: “…instant changes [that] comes to those who are truly open to them, at times that are called ‘quantum moments’. The outcome of a quantum moment is a quantum shift, which results in allowing you to change your perception of who are you and what you can accomplish” (Bernstein 148).}

It’s Friday, and I’m in love with:

Experiencing my quantum moment and realizing that when I am happy, all of the healthy will fall into place

Going to the grocery store at 9:45 pm because I would rather pay more for organic milk (it really tastes better…and is better for you!) than stop at the convenience store for some random brand.

Laughing hysterically…whether it be something the boy did or said, a website, or a TV show. Laughing feels so good.


Barbara’s peanut butter puffins

This song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. But basically any song by RHCP!

Skinny caramel lattes at Crackbucks

The fact that it’s Friday and my bestie is coming into town and we’re going to have a much needed fro yo date night!

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