7 facts

Apparently, I am a stylish blogger! I discovered this fact while sitting in plaid pajama pants and an old race t-shirt. Clearly, that is total glamor.

Thank you, Alex, you made my day!

The conditions of this award:

Make a post and link back to the person who awarded this to me.
Share 7 things about myself.
Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.
Contact these bloggers to tell them they’ve won!

As for 7 things….hmmm….

1. In a little over 4 years, I will be a doctor. Not a surgeon or anything exciting like that, but I’ll have a white coat and the ability to make people feel all guilty when they call me Ms….mwhahahaha.

2. I’m a lefty. When I was in kindergarten, though, the classroom I was in didn’t have left handed scissors so I was forced to use the right handed scissors. So even though my left hand is dominant, I still use scissors with my right hand.

3. The idea of settling down terrifies me. I LOVE my boyfriend and obviously want to be with him for as long as he can stand my strange antics, but spending all of Saturday at a baby shower made me realize that even though I am in the same age group as those women, we are in completely different mindsets. Yikes!

4. I love doing crosswords. The boy and I made a stop at the drug store after lunch yesterday just so we could pick up a crossword puzzle to do. It was in a local paper, and therefore not the NY Times crossword, and it amazed me at how difficult the NY Times crosswords could be. We still have yet to finish even the Monday NY Times crossword!

5. I dream about having a washer and dryer. Literally. My apartment building’s machines are so old and unreliable and quarter eating that I “go green” and do laundry as little as I possibly can. Thank goodness I have a lot of clothes to get me through the week. My running clothes, however, get washed with me in the shower. If I had to wash my running clothes in a machine every time I wore them, I’d be broke as a joke!

6. The half-marathon is my favorite race distance. I am perfectly comfortable with 10 mile training runs and 13.1 seems to be the perfect distance for my body. Longer, so I can run slower, but not so long that I feel like my legs are going to detach from my body and run off to hide. I would really love to run a marathon (preferably before I turn 25) but right now that’s just not in the cards. I’m clinging to my halfs (halves?) for dear life.

7. In real life, I try to act all tough and smart and put together. But in reality, I’m a goofy, mushy girl who likes to talk about her feelings, be hugged, and eat granola. I love inspirational articles and quotes and I’m a sucker for anything that makes people (and me!) feel empowered. And I love “hippie food”. When my friend A discovered that my sophomore year of college, he took to calling me a “crunchy granola girl”.

My nominees! I’m not sure if these bloggers have won this award yet but I love ’em so they’re getting them again!




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