Cornbread and tears

When I get stressed, I often feel like baking.

Tonight = cornbread.

But I’m going to just spill the proverbial beans right now because, well, I started this blog so I could somehow write through all of the crazy changes that are happening at this time in my life.

I am having a super rough time time.

I really, truly wish I could say that everything is hunky dory, that my life is sunshine and rainbows, and that I feel like skipping and dancing around the room. Because that is what I would normally do. That is “me”. I’m the annoying person who always looks on the bright side. But lately I have really been struggling with being my normal annoying self.

And I 100% dislike that I can’t “fix it all”. This girl is a total Type A control freak.

Last week I had my “quantum moment” (which I still haven’t posted about because I’ve had a super busy weekend!), and that propelled me forward in a huge way regarding food and happiness, but I still feel so stuck in an unhappiness rut. I’m not sure where this rut came from but I want out!

I keep trying to employ the “fake it till you make it” routine. And that seems to be tiding me over. But every so often I find myself baking cornbread and standing in the kitchen crying. Totally normal…

How do you get yourself out of unhappiness ruts? Lately I’ve been going out and buying awesome new foods but that is totally hurting my wallet!

2 thoughts on “Cornbread and tears

  1. I talk to the people I love the most that will either offer support or just an ear or shoulder. I’m like you. *ME* is an upbeat positive thinker but WE ALL have times when pooping skitlles and rainbows isn’t going to happen. My thoughts are with you!

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