Shake it off!

Last night I posted about some of the feelings that I have been dealing with. It mostly stems from the fact that I literally have no idea where I will be in less than 4 months.

That’s terrifying. And huge. And all of this uncertainty is leading me to feel very uncertain about myself. And I don’t want to minimize any of the the feelings that I am having but this morning I just want to cowgirl up and enjoy the heck out of life.

This morning’s rut busters:

New cereal! Kashi Golden Goodness, I think I love you.

New coffee! Archer Farms decaffeinated cinnamon vanilla nut, you make me smile.

Journaling! Spilling my guts to a beautiful notebook every morning does help.

Reading Add More ~ing To Your Life!

Dancing around to happy music as I get ready! Does anyone remember A-teens? Oh, the 90s.

Cute outfit! I never fail to feel adorable in my red chucks and corduroy pants.

New songs on the MP3 player for this afternoon’s run! I am loving Avril Lavigne’s new song, What the h#ll.

I am so ready to rock this day! Take that crazy negative thought ninjas!

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