January in review!

Can you believe that January is gone already?! I feel like it was just New Year’s and yet here comes February, creeping up like that weirdo you avoid eye contact with. January was a rougher month for me, but I survived. And for the better, I think. Here’s to a splendiforous February!

Miles planned/ran: 82 miles planned, 90.8 miles run

Current shame-inducing guilty pleasure: Hmm…I don’t know that it’s shame inducing, but I am so incredibly in love with the kettle chips from Jimmy John’s. And their veggie sandwiches. Oh, and Newman’s Own organic chocolate cups

Current drink: Irish (or English) breakfast tea. So delicious.

Current song: What the h#ll by Avril Lavigne

Current need: A good night’s sleep

Current triumph: Looking on the bright side even when I’d much rather curl up on the couch and ignore the world (most of the time)

Current bane of my existence: Not know where I’m going to be living in 4ish months!

Current blessings: The boy. He puts up with so much from me, I’m lucky to having such a loving and wonderful person in my life!

Current excitement: Probably the same as the bane of my existence. I don’t know where I’m going to be in 4ish months…basically anything is possible in my life at this very moment!

Current goals and plans for February: Spend less money on groceries, go to a yoga class at a yoga studio, do 21 days of sun salutations, read an entire book

How did your January shape up? What are you hoping for your January?


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