Tuesday confessional

1. I’ve started to love running first thing in the morning. The gym is less crowded, I’m not tired from the day, and it wakes me up better than caffeine. The only problem is that I wake up starving. So by the time I shower and get all ready, I’m about to gnaw my arm off for some breakfast.

2. I’ve been putting reduced fat 2% milk in my cereal. I can just hear my mother saying, “that is soooo unhealthy for you!” but it tastes so much better. And keeps me full for so much longer.

3. Usually I dread February because it’s a dark and cold month with no days off but I’m loving that it’s February this year. Why? Because it’s my first Valentine’s Day with a boy who is so totally worth it. And because I get to take a super cool awesome “road trip” towards the end of the month.

4. I hate rainy days. It’s not so much the rain that gets me (although walking in it is the worst), it’s the dampness. It just makes me want to curl up with tea all day long. I almost went to school in Seattle…but I’m glad I decided not to because this girl totally needs her sunshine!

5. Jimmy John’s sandwiches rock my world. Their 7 grain bread is amazing and they stuff their veggie sandwiches with so many veggies that the sandwich looks like it might explode. That is what a veggie sandwich is supposed to be like, Subway!


One thought on “Tuesday confessional

  1. I couldn’t agree with you MORE on the veggie JJ’s compared to Subway! Subway is closer to my house but I’ve about had it with that lazy excuse! 🙂 Seattle would be waaaaay to wet for me too!

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