Burning the midnight candle

Last night I went out.

I got a little (alright, a lot) tipsy. I lost my ring. I danced like crazy and listened to a new band. I had an amazing time. But I didn’t get to sleep until 2:30 this morning…and I had an 8 am class.

I think I just broke the “never go to class still tipsy” rule.

But I guess you haven’t been a student until you’ve stayed out too late and gone to class feeling like you got hit by a train.

The responsible side of me says, “you’re going to be a doctor missy! what was that stunt you pulled last night?!” But the human side of me says, “it’s about time you cut loose and broke the rules!”

I just hope someone found my ring. And that Panera has a big supply of broccoli cheddar soup.


2 thoughts on “Burning the midnight candle

  1. Haha! I hope someone found the ring too…and didn’t take it! Doctors can be fun, right? Just so long as they’re not drunk when they operate and leave tools in arms and stuff (yah…working on that med mal case right now)

    • So true! I would never ever consider putting anyone else in jeopardy so I think that means I’m allowed to go out and get tipsay every once in a while. Are you a lawyer?

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