What it takes to recover

Usually when I talk about recovery, I’m referring to recovering from running.

But after last night’s drink-capades, my poor body needed some yummy TLC and a run.

So I ran 5 miles (I started at a 9:30 pace and increased by 1 mile per hour every o.5 mile, ending with a “sprint” at a 7:30 pace). And then I ate the most delicious broccoli and cheddar soup known to man with a crusty hunk of whole grain bread (that sounds like something I’d call a man…you are such a crusty hunk of whole grain bread, baby).

The soup was followed up by a HUGE hazelnut coffee with 2% milk. Currently, my super jittery body is regretting that purchase but as I was sitting at Panera working on a research paper proposal, I felt as if I didn’t infuse my body with some caffeine I’d keel over. Standing in line was torturous. I kept repeating “don’t tip over” to myself.

To counter the caffeine jitters, I mixed myself up a bowl of Greek yogurt & Annie’s bunny grahams. I’m feeling *almost* human again. And the plans for tonight are: hot shower, veggie pot pie for dinner, and hitting the hay early.

How do you recover from a rough day or night?

I really do not know how people can go out and drink every night. My body is rebelling and my mind is suffering (I’ve been trying to think of the word ‘livestock’ since 1:00 this afternoon and it only just came to me…win, fo sho [insert eye roll here]) after only one scandalous night. But I will say it was wonderful to see old friends and do something out of my box.

{Oh, and my ring was never found. I’m disappointed. I wasn’t so much attached to the ring itself, but what it represented: my relationship with the boy. As soon as I discovered that it likely never show up again, I ordered a replacement}


2 thoughts on “What it takes to recover

    • I’m not, but when I was younger I was completely obsessed with Ireland and desperately wanted a cladagh ring. I didn’t really think much of it at the time, but now that I’m old(er) I really appreciate all of the symbolism behind it.

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