Ladies who research at lunch

Being productive is exhausting.

I spent a good 3 1/2 hours at Panera this afternoon, just poring over research journal articles and typing up my paper proposal. The topic fascinates me (I am writing about the negative health effects that factory farms have on US citizens) but I feel like my brain has been put through a pasta maker. Basically, sometimes 3 straight hours of research with no Internet access to distract me (yeah, that 30 minute limit during lunch hours is the pits) makes me want to quit school, marry rich, and become a lady who lunches. If it weren’t for the best two words in the entire world (free refills) I probably would have.

Ambition, smambition…I think I left that in the conference room of the meeting I just left. Why can I not be a lady who lunches?! (Because I would get bored faster than I could say “I’ll have the cobb salad please”…and I probably would not be socially accepted in lady lunching circles).

Needless to say, I am oh so excited for “me night”. The boy is going to be off doing boy things with his boy friends and I’m going to be in my pajamas, watching last night’s NBC comedies (30 rock, my heart beats for you!), and eating pizza. Perfection, especially on a damp and rainy Friday.

What are your Friday plans? I’m currently trying to convince myself to get to the gym. It’s not working. I’d rather just eat some pizza.

2 thoughts on “Ladies who research at lunch

  1. That whole topic fascinates me. Feel free to mail me your research when done. I would for sure read it!


    We are hittin the gym, my Princess has a slumber party so we’re taking the other two out for dinner/treat. I’m thinkin I need some warm dessert to warm my soul and fuel my run and Attack class tomorrow!

    • It’s only going to be around 15 pages, so it wouldn’t be an awful read (well, unless I write it awfully!). I’ll be working on it for a while but I can definitely send you the finished paper if you’re interested!

      Mmm, dessert. That sounds better than a slumber party to me! I’m still dragging my feet about the gym…must to go. But do not want.

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