Football. Or lack thereof.

I live in the south.

I go to an SEC school.

Football is king.

Except for me…I’m a Northerner who happens to inhabit this area, who laughs when people complain about the “snow”, who hides inside on game days because I just cannot handle the crowds.

So when my Super Bowl Sunday plans fell through, I was secretly pleased. I mean sure, I felt a little disappointed. I’m a planner so when plans fall through I always have a few moments of sheer and utter panic. Plus, I love chips and beer. But in my world, it doesn’t have to be the Super Bowl for chips and beer to occur.

Instead, I stayed home and unplugged. I turned off the television, I put on my robe and cuddled under a blanket, I ate a veggie pot pie for dinner, and I just relaxed. And it was magnificent. I still don’t even know who won the game (although I’m sure that’ll change once I read the newspaper later).

How did you spend your Super Bowl Sunday?

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