Tuesday Confessional


1. The boy keeps asking me what I would like to do for Valentine’s Day but I have no idea whatsoever. All of my previous boyfriends were loathe to celebrate the day of love. I think the boy is a keeper! But I still don’t know what plans to make. I do know, however, that lots of chocolate will be involved!

2. Every day feels like Friday to me. I have been taking this semester less than seriously and have been putting in the minimal amount of effort to succeed. Normally, this would not be okay. But considering this is a “junk semester” full of classes that don’t truly matter in the long run, I’ve decided having more fun is better than getting an A+ on everything.

3. I’ve been really bad about spending less on groceries so far. It’s like the grocery just sucks me and instead of leaving with only the toilet paper I’d planned to buy, I walk out having spent $30. Not cool.

4. I ran 6.2 miles on the treadmill yesterday during peak hours…which means I overstayed the 30 minute limit by about 20 minutes. But if someone were trying to get a longer run in, I wouldn’t try to kick them off and no one came up to me and said, “hey lady, you’re hogging the treadmill” so I kept on running.

5. I’m having a serious scone craving. They are like the sirens of the pastry world.

Happy Tuesday! Have you made up any Valentine’s Day plans yet?

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