Wild and precious life

I’ve always considering myself to be an ambition woman, a woman who doesn’t take no for an answer or back down to a challenge.

These week, however, has been more challenging and exhausting than I was prepared for. I took one healing step forward last week and two back this week.

But an old friend of mine always used to tell me, “healing is not a linear process”. And she was right. Some weeks are going to be harder than others, especially when those womanly hormones are flowing and schedules are packed and sleep is short. Weeks like like this one make me forget the big picture. You know, the huge framed one that has me with Dr. in front of my name, holding a fluffy cat, and smiling like a crazy woman in my running clothes.

I’d like to spite my cereal and pizza and exhaustion filled week. I’d like to laugh in its face and tell it what’s what.

Of course, it wasn’t until I visited the prAna blog that I started thinking about what I truly want out of my life. What I want is to be able to run long and strong, a person to love and hug and kiss on in the worst of times, the ability to help people with and be fulfilled by my profession.

And then I had a crazy realization. I have all of that. Right this very second. I may not be able to run a marathon or get married or make a million dollar right at this moment, but all of my basic “wants” of life are completely fulfilled.

What do you want to accomplish in life?


2 thoughts on “Wild and precious life

  1. I’d really love to work from home ideally. I’ve heard of paralegals that do this before. But once I get home legal research is the last thing on my mind. I’d rather run or bake or craft or write or read. Or just drink tea and stare off into space awhile. Someone will pay me to think someday. I just know it. 😉

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