Thoughtful Thursday

I have been trying so hard to keep my outlook positive throughout this week, which seems intent on beating me down. And it’s *almost* done that. I, however, am putting on my boxing gloves and channeling Christina Aguilera. Or Chumbawamba, if that’s more your style. Today is Thursday, February 10 which means that it’s my first day in the clinic for the semester. And I’m scheduled with a doctor that I’ve never met before. Eek. At least tomorrow is Friday!

Things to remember as I go through my day:

1. Breathe deeply. Oxygen to the brain makes everything better

2. Whatever it is, it’s not the end of the world.

3. You’re beautiful, awesome, and smart!

4. Give yourself a break. Sometimes tea and reading is the answer.

5. This too shall pass. So keep calm and carry on (enough clichéd lines?!)

Happy Thursday! Do you have any mantras?

One thought on “Thoughtful Thursday

  1. When I was going through the roughest parts of the divorce, I would run to that Christina song and it just made life so much better for a minute. I also have *Just Breathe* reminders for times I need them. TEA & READING are my outlets. 🙂 And crafting and baking. 🙂

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