Friday love list: Valentine’s edition

Excuse my French, but it has been a long ass week. I am always thankful for Friday to roll around but I am especially thankful for this Friday because it means time to catch my breath, clean my apartment, and spend time with the boy. And it means that Valentine’s Day is Monday and I am so excited to spend it with someone who I love so much that my heart could burst!

It’s Friday, and I’m in love with:

The boy, who buys me frozen yogurt when I’m feeling down

Decaf coffee + milk + Splenda. Mmm, fake sugar.

Holding hands in the grocery store

My new parking space. It’s right up next to my building and practically the best Valentine’s Day present to myself, ever.

Planning date nights and getting all giddy

Goodnight kisses

Pink frosted cookies and assorted chocolate boxes

Happy Friday! I think I’ve been bitten by the mushy bug!


2 thoughts on “Friday love list: Valentine’s edition

  1. I LOVE it!!!!! I remember VIVIDLY the first time Ryan wanted to hold my hand in a grocery store. I was flabbergasted. Never knew romantic men actually existed! We hold hands pretty much everywhere we go (when we’re alone) and I am never without a hand to hold if the kids are there. 🙂

    Have a great weekend of LOVE. 🙂

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