Today! It’s Friday!

I was sitting on my couch this morning, overcome with joy that today is Friday. Which means after my 2:00 meeting, I am free as bird. Free to run, free to clean my apartment (which, after how busy I was this week, looks like it got hit by a hurricane and a tornado…at the same time), free to sit on my couch and watch Hulu and do nothing.

And then I realized how much I have to get done this weekend.

I have a paper proposal due Tuesday (and in the words of my professor, I must “really convince her” that my topic is the bomb diggity) as well as an exam on Tuesday. Normally exams don’t wig me out but this exam is for a slightly lame policy class I’m forced to take and let’s just say I haven’t really been doing that well when it comes to keeping up with the reading.

Meh. At least I’ve gotten a decent head start with my paper proposal.

Enter lunch hour, which it is right now. It’s more like lunch 2 hours for me, which is even better. Me + Panera + a massive amount of decaf coffee and productivity.

I need to finish up this darn proposal and outline the major points of 6 policy chapters by the time I need to leave for my meeting. I’m not sure that it can be done. But with Monday being Valentine’s Day (really, no one studies on Valentine’s Day!) and my Tuesday morning being consumed by clinic appointments, I’m just going to have to go for broke.

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