Diamond shopping

Don’t worry, I’m not engaged.

Or in danger of getting engaged.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the boy to death and want to drive him crazy forever, we’re just not in that place our lives! I’d at least like to know where I’m going to live for the next 4 years first…

But that doesn’t stop me from doing a “Google images” search for beautiful vintage diamond rings. You know, the kind with a circular diamond? I swoon over those.

And with Valentine’s Day just about a day away, I’m in a mushy mood. I wouldn’t consider myself to be a “must.get.married” kinda girl (although my head is frequently in the clouds) but sometimes a girl just needs to day dream about diamond rings and flowy wedding dresses. It’s in my DNA.

What do you day dream about?

{Today’s run: An easy 4.1 mile run. That brings my weekly mileage up to 24 miles!}

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