Tuesday confessional

1. I am so incredibly in love. I am so in love that just thinking about it makes me well up with tears. I have been in love before, but this is the sort of oh-my-goodness-I-could-actually-be-with-him-for-a-long-time kind of love. And it’s terrifying, exhilarating, overwhelming, exciting, and heart-fluttering to feel this way.

2. I have enough chocolate to feed all of China. The stockpile that is in my refrigerator is pretty impressive, if I do say so myself. Basically any variety you could think of, I have. It’s like my own personal chocolate shop! (And I always keep my chocolate in the fridge because otherwise the heat in my tiny apartment would make it all gooey!)

3. I love wearing “business attire”. I used to detest dressing up and practically lived in t-shirts and jeans but when I started having to do my clinic hours I realized how amazing dressing up makes me feel. Not only that, but people give me second glances, hold doors open for me, and just treat me better all-around. It’s amazing what dressing professionally can do, really.

4. I have been spending waaaay to many hours in Panera lately but it seems to be the only place that I can concentrate and actually get work done. If I go home to study, I end up watching Hulu or reading blogs instead of studying. So spending $2 for endless coffee and having a 30 minute Internet limit during lunch hours is totally worth it.

5. My run yesterday was a new level of awful. My eating had been mediocre all afternoon (Larabar at 11:30, chocolate and grapes at 2:30, and an apple at 5:00) so when I got on the treadmill at 3 I basically felt like I had zero energy, like my legs were lead, and like my stomach was about to be torn apart. Note to self: eat a better lunch, don’t subsist on coffee.

{Today’s run: 4.5 mile recovery run. My legs were pretty trashed feeling today and since I didn’t really have a “wake up period” my body was utterly confused when I stepped onto that treadmill. But I am glad that I got up and got to the gym because I have a busy day ahead of me and I know that come 5:00 I would not have felt like running any more than I did at 7:30}

One thought on “Tuesday confessional

  1. Any run is better than no run. I used to LOATHE dressing up. Since working with attorneys for the past 3 years I’ve grown to like it. Like you…I like the way it makes me feel. 🙂 Still love my sweatpants though. 🙂

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