Easy like a thankful Thursday morning

I have another busy day today; an early morning meeting followed by clinic hours, running, and classes. Yikes.

I tend to accomplish more when I have a tight schedule to follow because I know there is no room for me to lolly-gag around but lately it seems as if every day is bound by a tight schedule. I need a break! And coming from a person who thrives on schedules, that’s saying a lot. At least tomorrow is Friday, which means much more open time to get paper-writing and studying done and longer running distances done.

But even though today is busy and I’d much rather be curled up in bed at this early morning hour, I am thankful.

I’m thankful that I have the boy to text me good morning

I thankful that I have an abundance of chocolate in my refrigerator

I am thankful that I have the ability to run around like a crazy woman all day

I am thankful for peaceful nights of sleep

I am thankful for the beautiful weather

Basically, I am thankful for everything. My life has been a bit turbulent lately but I’m thankful that it is and I’m learning from it every day!

What are you thankful for?

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