Friday love list: Busy, busy bee edition

I cannot express how ecstatic I am that today is the most perfect day of the week. It’s Friday! I feel like I have been running around like a crazy person every single day this week and spending every spare second of my day trying to get something accomplished. Granted, I accomplished quite a bit but being so productive is exhausting after a while! My body is screaming, “hey crazy lady, take a break!” And that is fully what I intend to do this weekend: spend lots of time relaxing in my pajamas, eating cinnamon buns, running, and prepping for the week ahead. Does that not sound blissful?

It’s Friday, and I’m in love with:

Getting to sleep until 8:30 am. After 3 early mornings in a row, I’m thankful to be able to sleep in.

More free time. No clinic hours, only one class, only one afternoon meeting. Life is good.

The beautiful weather. Dragging myself around campus is much easier when it’s warm out.

Getting to sit on my couch and do absolutely nothing

The fact that I have no classes or meetings for 2 day. I may have a lot of work to this weekend, but I have no schedule!

Getting a short week next week (I’m going out of town Thursday and Friday!)

Panera smoothies. I have a free one on my myPanera card and I cannot wait to indulge!

Cinnamon buns, scones, and pizza…the diet of a tired and busy student

I don’t know that I have any plans for tonight but that doesn’t even matter. I am so completely and utterly thankful that it’s Friday!!!

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