I ran a marathon.

Well, not really.

It was 26.4 miles.

And it was spread over 5 days.

I’m still pretty impressed with myself, though. I usually have a hard time breaking the 21 miles per week barrier but I’ve done it multiple weeks in a row. Probably because running is the only thing that keeps me from going completely insane. These past few weeks, running is basically the only thing I’ve been dedicated to. Meetings? Meh. Classes? Meh x 2. Running? Yes please.

I’ll be honest, I don’t feel like running every day. But it’s the day that I least want to that I need to the most. And sometimes the days where I only want to run 2 miles are the days I surprise myself end up running 7 (like, ahem, yesterday).

Running = my happy place.

What’s your happy place?


3 thoughts on “I ran a marathon.

  1. LOVE that sticker!
    I’m really glad you commented on my blog because we seem to have similar lives!
    I can’t wait to stalk your blog! 😉 haha!

    i know what you mean about running everyday, though!
    there are days when I don’t feel like running but once I get started, I realize it’s the only part of the day I enjoy.
    I’m a math major so any time I’m not slaving over math equations is the best time of my day.
    I’m sure you understand, though, since you’re becoming a doctor!
    Also, I always plan to take light days and those are the days I run my best, too.
    It’s so weird how it seems to work that way!
    I hope I can really get into this blogging thing so we can become friends 🙂

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