Me versus the bagel

I wish I could say I were out running. But instead I am participating in the sort of marathon that only requires my brain, coffee, and half a semester’s worth of notes: a studying marathon.

I’ve got my butt parked at a bench in Panera with a mug of coffee and an obscene amount of notebooks, papers, and pens around me.

I thought about staying home to study so I could also get some laundry done (gag) but I thought that an endless flow of decaf coffee and a delicious bagel would help get my brain juices flowing. Because I love bagels and I love coffee. And having no TV in front of me is pretty beneficial.

Anywho, that’s not the point of this post.

The point is that I used to be terrified of bagels. Not terrified that they’d come to life and attack me with their doughy lips, but that their carb-y goodness would turn my body into some sort of blobby, inefficient excuse.

Of course they didn’t. And today I happily chewed down my bagel slathered with copious amounts of honey-walnut cream cheese. And it was delicious.

And then I started thinking to myself…why was I ever afraid of a food? Afraid of the insane amount of knowledge I need to understand by Wednesday? Sure. But a bagel? Um…yeah. That makes no sense. They’re delicious. They fuel my brain. They fuel my running. Basically, they’re just awesome. And I’m awesome. So by that logic, me eating a bagel is awesomeness squared.

Were you ever “afraid” of any food? How did you overcome that fear?

{I realize that “fear” of food is not normal. And that way too many of us girls struggle from it. And that I want to “get better”, whatever that means. So in order to cope with my disordered eating habits, I will be making a series of posts like this. Simply because I’ve discovered that “talking it out” and getting feedback helps me immensely.)


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