Sunday evening thoughts

Sunday is a somewhat difficult day for me. It’s full of relaxing and pajama wearing but it’s also full of laundry, studying, and getting ready for the week.

And it gives me the doldrums.

I’m a creature of habit, so I’ve created a Sunday night routine for myself…as a way to beat the blues and break the cycle of negativity so that I can start my Mondays on an upbeat note. After getting all of my laundry and cleaning and studying done, I cozy up on my couch, turn on Friday night’s episode of Portlandia, and eat pizza (tonight was tomato, mozzarella & feta whole wheat pizza…it was ah-mazing).

Some people might say my level of routine is a bit much, but for me it’s sheer bliss.

I’ve always been addicted to schedules and routine and a bit wary of change but now, more than ever, I’m clinging to my day to day routines simply because they are what I have control over. I don’t have control over the weather, or when I’ll be getting acceptance letters, or where I’ll be getting acceptance letters to. Or even what challenges I face in the clinics or what actions the boy takes.

So I cling to my “knowns”. And savor them. And repeat them. And sometimes I do something “out of my box” (and it’s that much more delicious because it’s different and new).

How do you beat your Sunday night blues? Do you love schedules?

One thought on “Sunday evening thoughts

  1. I hate Sunday nights. 😦 I beat them by pretending they’re not happening. I really do thrive on schedules but I also love freedom of not having to wake up and be on someone ELSE’s schedule (aka…my boss) lol

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