I did not run today…

…and the world did not come crashing down.


Wednesdays and Sundays are my usual days of rest but I decided to improvise a) I have a massive midterm on Wednesday and decided that studying would be ideal, b) last night was an epic fail that left with me a churning tummy and heartburn and waking up in the middle of the night x 1000, c) my schedule this week is pretty topsy turvy compared to usual since I’m going out of town so I figured one more change in plans wouldn’t kill me.

Regarding my massive failure of last night. It was bad. I’ve had worse, but it was bad. And to be completely candid, I’m glad that I’ve been feeling like my stomach is trying to crawl out of my throat because maybe, just maybe, it’ll teach me a lesson: that I need to get better because not getting better means more missed runs and more feeling awful.

As of right this moment, it has led me to some newfound determination that the rest of February will be failure-free. Counting today, March is 8 days away.  Most of February was a crazy-fest, but 8 days of it will be an awesome-fest. I have no specific goals for these 8 days. Just “don’t fail”. That’s it. THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAAAA!


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