Busy as a bumblebee

I’m leaving town tomorrow so life has been extra hectic.

All I could think about at 11 am was how bad I would like to just lay down on the floor. That would not be wise in the middle of Panera. But life has been that hectic.

I somehow thrive when time is short so even though there have been many times where all I can think about it going home and sleeping, I’ve actually been enjoying having a million things to do. It makes me feel efficient and kinda like Super Woman…why yes, I think I will go get my oil changed and wash my own car and study for an exam and go to class all in one day.

Although I have a confession: I skipped my morning class so I could run. I guess we all need a little me-time when things get crazy. And trying to fit 5 days of to-do lists into 3 days is the first ingredient in the recipe for crazy. As long as I make sure I run and eat healthfully (and make a million notes on post-its), people are safe. But the second I stop getting my endorphin rush and eating vegetables or lose one of my to-do lists? People should head for the hills because they are liable to be shanked with a letter opener. ‘Nuf said.

How do you ensure your sanity during crazy weeks?

{Today’s run: 5 mile tempo run on the treadmill}


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