Safety nets

I’ve been thinking a lot of safety nets as of late, mostly in the context of deciding where I want to continue my education. I could stay put and be happy because I love the faculty, I’m familiar with all of the nuances of the program and campus, I know all the great restaurants in the city, and most of all, I am comfortable.

But is comfort what I am really looking for?

“Control is overrated, if your idea is to actually truly live your life. Whether it’s learning how to dance or having the richest travel experience, life’s enjoyments are fueled by letting go of the safety equipment”.

I experienced many travel snafus over my 3 days away: closed highways, 20 mile detours, rainy mountain roads, taking wrong turns and hearing my GPS say “recalculating” a million times.

And the funny thing? I kind of enjoyed it. I enjoyed not knowing what was going to happen next, who I was going to meet next, even where I was going to eat dinner. I missed the boy more than anything but I loved being away from routine and the familiar. I loved being in a place where people had no expectations of me and knowing that there were endless possibilities.

That is going to be the tough question: does promise of endless possibilities outweigh the safety net of already being familiar?

I realize these are some deep thoughts for a Sunday morning! Truthfully, my brain isn’t completely wrapped around them either. So I think I’ll go back to sipping coffee, watching Sex and the City, and reading magazines in bed.

How do you feel about safety nets? And what are you doing on this lovely Sunday morning?


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