February in review!

February is over. Eek. That is both terrifying and exciting to me. In fact, most things in my life are both terrifying and exciting right now. March is going to bring so many changes and so much new-ness. I don’t even know what to expect. I guess all I can say at this point is, “bring it on”. I really want March to be the best month yet. I think February had a good end, but I’m ready to keep climbing up the happiness ladder.

Miles run: 91.3

Current shame-inducing guilty pleasure: Grocery shopping at Whole Foods. I totally cannot afford it but I don’t have one close by so I totally went all out when I was close to one on my weekend trip.

Current drink: Soy lattes. Delicious, especially when they’re made at the cute coffee shop down the street from me.

Current song: Sing by the Glee Cast (originally by My Chemical Romance)

Current need: Spring Break. It’s only 2 weeks away but I am so ready for a “real” vacation.

Current triumph: I road tripped. By myself. I was terrified to do this and I somehow managed to conquer that fear. Go me!

Current bane of my existence: This semester. Studying? Papers? Yeah, no. I’m just trying to survive!

Current blessings: My dad. He listens to my rants, helps me when I’m stressed, and is just all around awesome. I wouldn’t have survived February without him!

Current excitement: I’ll be hearing back from all of the programs I applied to this month!!!

Goals and plans for March: I have tunnel vision right now…my goal is to decide which program I will attend without losing my mind. And to talk about the future with the boy. And to have fun!


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