Tuesday confessional

1. Morning runs are officially my favorite. I love getting an early start to the day and not having to worry about squeezing a run in later in the day when all of the busy starts to happen.

2. I packed a blueberry bagel with peanut butter for lunch today even though I know I’ll be at Panera. I hate being “that girl” who brings her own food into a cafe setting, but I’ll be buying coffee. So that makes me less of a WiFi freeloader? At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

3. Now that March is here, I can feel my patience regarding waiting for acceptance letters seriously slipping. All I want to do is go running and eat Swedish fish and know where I’m going to be living!

4. Through this whole waiting process, I’ve learned that I truly like to talk about my feelings over and over. I think it drives the boy crazy because I keep bringing up the same subjects day after day but talking about what I’m stressed over is like a brain massage.

5. I think that salads from the salad bar and restaurants always taste a million times better than salads I make at home, even if they have the exact same ingredients.

Happy Tuesday! I’m glad that the wind and rain and gloom has passed! And it’s March!


2 thoughts on “Tuesday confessional

  1. 1. I can’t run any other time than in the morning because I just love waking up through a run. Waking up to a shower or coffee isn’t the same as a sweaty workout!

    2. I do the same thing at Barnes and Noble! 🙂

    3. Jelly Belly are my drug of choice during crunch times. ❤

    4. I've been bitching to a boy about my issues. NOW THAT has to be annoying.

    5. We really are the same person, I just said this to my mother today on the phone. Lol

    Thanks for the encouraging words, it really means a lot. And I will surely come to you if I need someone to talk to! Thanks, girl!

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