“Break please,” said my body

I woke up this morning with a sore throat.

My first thought was, “I cannot afford to get sick right now.” So of course me, in an attempt to be productive, went about my morning as if I didn’t feel as if my throat had been scratched by a cat.

After two hours of trying to be normal, I just couldn’t hack it anymore.

I slowly plodded back to my apartment, brewed a pot of chamomile, and sat on my couch alternating between split pea soup and tea sips.

And, as uncomfortable as a sore throat may be, maybe it came at just the right time. I have been running around like crazy for the past 3 weeks, pushing my poor body to its limits and not taking enough time during the day to relax. It has been go, go, go non-stop. Very unhealthy.

So while I’d much rather not be on the verge of a cold, colds are the body’s way of saying, “hey you. slow down and take a breather. I’m exhausted!” And I’m thankful for that. Because otherwise I’d still be out their, treating myself like a workhorse instead of a human being who needs breaks!

I am quite excited for tonight’s trip to the natural foods store. I finally have an excuse (not that I truly needed one) to stock up on Kombucha, echinacea, and fresh fruits and soups.

What do you use to remedy colds?


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