Feed a cold

I groggily made my way to Earthfare to stock up on some “I’m definitely going to feel miserable this weekend” goodies. Well, $56 worth of goodies. Thankfully they always say to feed a cold (which is also great because I have been starving all day…my body is working hard to fight off this virus, I need to feed it! [which is admittedly freaking out my ED habits but they can suck it, I want to get healthy!])

I got:

Earth Balance spread

Rudi’s spelt English muffins

2 bottles of Cosmic Cranberry kombucha

Chamomile tea

Vegan roasted veggie pizza


Mandarin and naval oranges

Lemon zinc drops

Lemon juice

Triple echinacea green tea

Creamy tomato bisque

No chicken chicken noodle soup

If this army of vitamin and herb packed groceries doesn’t help my cold (along with lots of rest and bad TV), then I don’t know what will!

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