Friday love list: So much tired edition

I don’t know what it is about my weeks lately. They seem to just want to beat me into submission! But I’m a college student who drinks decaf coffee voluntarily, I ain’t scared of a little tired. Take that, crazy schedule!

It’s Friday, and I’m in love with:

The fact that I slept until 8 am this morning. 7 am wake up calls do take their toll on me when my days last 10 hours.

Coffee. Even though I’ve only been drinking decaf, it helps me feel a little more awake.

Olive Garden’s minestrone soup. Perfect for a Thursday night, “I don’t feel like even attempting to cook” dinners.

Laughing hysterically for no reason just because I am exhausted and think everything is hilarious

My bed. And pillows. And blankets. And robe. And early bed times.

Having only 1 class, 1 clinic appointment, and 1 meeting. Thank you for being gentle on me, Friday.


Happy Friday!!!

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